Substrate temperature effect on Yb5Sb4 films mechanical strength


Substrate temperature effect on Yb5Sb4 films mechanical strength/ Z. Jabua, V. Marchilashvili, A. Gigineishvili. – 2021–2022. – # 21/22. – pp. 137-140. – rus. By the method of discrete vacuum-thermal evaporation, the crystalline 1.2 μm thick films of composition Yb5Sb4 are prepared on a leucosapphire substrate. It has been shown that single-phase crystalline films are formed in the substrate temperature region of 1010 – 1280 K. It is studied the substrate temperature effect on the mechanical strength of films prepared in this way. It is shown that with an increase in the substrate temperature in the region of 1010 – 1200 K the mechanical strength increases linearly almost three times, while in the region of 1200 – 1280 K it saturates and then remains constant. It has been suggested that the increase in strength is associated with both the film improved adhesion with substrate and perfection of its crystalline structure. Fig. 2, Ref. 5.